About The Trust

The Trust Board

The Trust Board is made up of members and directors, all of whom have overall responsibility and accountability for the performance of the three Trust academies. The full Board meet eight times a year, split termly, as well as smaller committees on the Board meeting at least seven times to monitor exclusions, finance, audit, personnel, performance and standards. 

The Local Governing Advisory Body (LGAB)

The LGAB is made up of members, co-opted members, staff advisors and parents, all of whom meet at least six times a year in full. This body has a number of delegated duties, as detailed in the Terms of Reference. Members of this body go into each academy and meet with staff to complete their monitoring roles, then report back to the Board link directors. The link directors then feedback to the Board accordingly, highlighting any good news stories or any issues that may need Board intervention.

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Paignton Community & Sports Academy


Kings Ash Academy

Curledge Street Academy